Abigail Brown

Managing Director | Openingz.com

Abi has been involved in recruiting across various sectors for over 20 years, and has been in the Audio Visual (AV) world since 2012 where she took on an internal recruitment position for a video distributor. She has enjoyed networking and building relationships throughout her career, and in Sept 2014 was invited to take on responsibility for leading the UK Women in AV group. Abi now runs her own recruitment business (since summer 2015): Openingz.com. Over the past years she has led several events which have successfully built up the group plus enhanced the engagement on social media. Notably, the Twitter channel has increased to 10k+ followers who actively engage with us.

Abi is really proud that the group now attracts AV professionals across a wide range; business owners, directors, project managers, technicians, sales and marketing plus support staff. Feedback has been very positive and attendees enjoy the content as well as the opportunity to network with their colleagues and build solid relationships. Personal development has always been important to Abi so the launch of the Mentoring program is seen as an amazing initiative and it's a real pleasure to be involved.

Sadie Groom

Managing Director | Bubble Agency

Sadie founded Bubble, a global PR, marketing and events company focusing on the entertainment technology, sports and AV business, in 1999 and is still very much the driving force. With 20 years of experience in industry exhibition companies, manufacturers and services companies Sadie not only looks after the business side of Bubble but also promotes the role of women in the industries she works in. In 2017 she founded the Rise – Women in Broadcast group and successfully launched the mentoring programme alongside Carrie Wootten in 2018. Sadie has been a regular participant in WAVE UK either as a presenter and an attendee and is looking forward to working the AV sector on this great scheme.

A keen traveller, she is trying to go to 50 countries before she is 50 and would like to spend more time on the golf course.

Toni Moss

Managing Director | CDEC

In the heavily male-dominated AV industry, Toni Moss stands out as a leading lady. As Managing Director of multi-award winning professional integrator CDEC Ltd, Toni leads a £10 million business with a team of 30 operations, sales and admin staff and around 50 engineers working across the UK and internationally.

As a long-time supporter of Women in AV, and a key instigator behind the recently introduced mentoring scheme, Toni is a driving force in ensuring women have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to develop their careers in AV, while highlighting the important role women have to play in the industry.
Toni began working in the sales field upon leaving school and quickly progressed her career. She first started selling into the education sector (CDEC’s core business today) over 20 years ago and has a detailed understanding of how technology in education has evolved over the years.

In 2003 when Toni joined CDEC, the vision was clear; to become THE leading AV integrator in the UK. Toni has steadily brought this vision to fruition, with the company now having won Reseller / Integrator at the AV Awards on three occasions, alongside a number of other prestigious accolades.

Toni has strategically grown CDEC’s turnover from £800k in 2003 to £10 million to date. Under Toni’s direction, CDEC is now involved in high level projects and covers a broad range of verticals nationwide.