Women in AV

Women in AV establishes a multi-faceted approach to educating, supporting, encouraging and inspiring women in the audiovisual industry through collaboration, research, mentoring and networking opportunities. The Women in AV Group will promote the growth and performance of women by empowering women to feel recognised, respected, productive and important to the AV industry.

About Women in AV

Women in AV strive to:

Promote Collaboration

Promote collaboration, sharing of ideas, and brainstorming about all things AV

Compassionate Environment

Provide a compassionate environment where treading in new areas for the first time is appreciated and encouraged

Work/Life Balance

Support a balanced work/life principle where having success in one area never compromises the other


Recognise the achievements, successes, and challenges of Women in the AV industry


Research and educate women about opportunities for advancement within the audiovisual industry


Mentor and offers all women assistance to advance her education and experience


Sponsor social and business networking opportunities to establish relationships and partnerships


Leverage our partnerships for advancing our individual businesses, women-owned business and other under-recognised organisations in the AV industry

Supportive Forum

Establish a supportive forum for women to openly share thoughts and ideas on professional and personal topics


Align with industry associations that drive the AV industry


Pioneer sustainable business models to streamline daily requirements of commerce and advocate responsible, social and economically business practices